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Adenike Fajemirokun is a Nigerian business executive and entrepreneur who has excelled in various business ventures and achieved remarkable success. Despite encountering challenges along the way, Adenike has remained tenacious in her pursuit of success and has become a respected figure in the Nigerian business community.

adenike fajemirokun biography,

Adenike was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, where she received her primary and secondary education. She then proceeded to the University of Lagos where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a second degree in Business Administration.
After her studies, Adenike started her career at Arthur Anderson, an international professional services firm, where she worked as an auditor for some years. She later moved to Shell Petroleum, where she worked for a few years before finally venturing into entrepreneurship.
Adenike’s first major success in business came with the founding of AwesomeTreasures Foundation in 1999, which provides help and support for women and children in underserved communities in Nigeria. The foundation has been able to reach over 2 million people and has become a prominent organization in the country.
Adenike went on to co-found a number of successful companies including the Thistle Group, which provides consulting and advisory services in the oil and gas sector, and Akintech Ltd, which provides engineering services to the Nigerian oil and gas industry.
Her latest venture is a start-up called Serenity Capital Investment Holdings, which focuses on identifying and investing in high-potential start-ups in Africa. The company has already invested in several promising start-ups in various sectors including fintech, e-commerce, and logistics.
In 2016, Adenike was appointed as the Chairman of the FBN Quest Merchant Bank, a subsidiary of First Bank of Nigeria Limited, where she oversees the management of the bank’s operations.
Adenike Fajemirokun is also deeply committed to community development, and has been involved in several philanthropic initiatives. She is a trustee of Women in Management, Business and Public Service (WIMBIZ), a non-profit organization that promotes women in leadership positions, and is a member of several other organizations.

adenike fajemirokun biography,

Despite being a successful business executive, Adenike remains humble and committed to her personal and professional growth. She is an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs in Nigeria and across the African continent, and her success story continues to motivate many people to pursue their dreams with the same level of resilience and determination that she demonstrates.

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