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harem shah viral video twitter

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 harem shah viral video twitter

Recently, a video of Pakistani TikToker Harem Shah has gone viral on Twitter, where he is seen making some controversial statements. Harem Shah has become quite famous in Pakistan because of his TikTok videos, where he often acts out scenes and dialogues from famous movies and dramas.

harem shah viral video twitter

However, in this particular video, Harem Shah can be seen making some inappropriate comments and gestures about Pakistani actress and model Ayesha Sana. Many people on Twitter have criticized Harem Shah for his behavior, calling it disrespectful and disturbing.
The video has sparked a debate on social media about the role of influencers and celebrities in promoting healthy attitudes and behaviors. Many people believe that Harem Shah’s actions in the video are indicative of a larger problem in Pakistani society, where women are objectified and disrespected in many different ways.
On the other hand, some people have also defended Harem Shah and argued that he was simply making a joke, and that people should not take his comments too seriously. However, the majority of Twitter users seem to be condemning Harem Shah’s behavior and are calling for him to be held accountable for his actions.

harem shah viral video twitter

The incident has once again highlighted the need for more education and awareness about gender-based biases and discrimination in Pakistan, and the role that individuals, particularly those with a large following on social media, can play in promoting positive change.?

 Who is the famous Tiktoker Shah?

There are multiple famous Tiktoker Shahs, including Hareem Shah, Syed Bilal Shah, and many others. However, the most popular and controversial TikToker Shah is Hareem Shah.

 How old is Hareem Shah?

As of 2021, Hareem Shah is 29 years old.

What is the age of Nida Yasir?

As of 2021, the age of Nida Yasir is 47 years.

Who is Hareem Shah’s husband?

Hareem Shah has not revealed her husband’s name publicly. 

Who is Syed Bilal Shah?

Syed Bilal Shah is a Pakistani businessman and social media personality. He rose to fame due to his association with Hareem Shah.

 What is Hareem Shah famous for?

Hareem Shah is famous for her controversial TikTok videos and bold statements. She often makes headlines due to her comments about political leaders and important figures in the country.

 When did Hareem Shah get married?

Hareem Shah has not publicly announced her marriage, nor has she revealed any information about her marital status.

What does Bilal Shah do?

Who is the father of Hareem Shah?

Hareem Shah has not publicly shared any information about her family, including her father. 

What is the date of birth of Nawab Shah?

Nawab Shah is an Indian actor born on November 23, 1972.

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