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IAS Rohini viral video

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IAS Rohini viral video

 Recently, a viral video featuring a woman claiming to be an IAS officer from Rohini in New Delhi has been making rounds on social media platforms. In the video, the man can be seen berating a local police constable who stopped his car during a routine checking drive. He can be heard threatening the policeman with dire consequences and boasting about his influential connections

IAS Rohini viral video


As soon as the video surfaced, it sparked a massive outrage among the public. Many social media users criticized the man for misusing his position of power and insulting a uniformed officer. It also brought to light the rampant issue of VIP culture in India, where people with power and influence often escape the consequences of their actions.

In response to the incident, the Delhi Police launched an inquiry and identified the man as a sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) of Vasant Vihar. He was suspended from all his duties, including his responsibilities as an SDM and an IAS officer. The Delhi government also condemned his behavior and assured strict action against him.

IAS Rohini viral video

The incident has once again shed light on the need for accountability and transparency in the administration. It is essential to promote a culture where individuals with power are responsible for their actions and are held accountable for their misconduct. The incident further highlights the growing mistrust between the common citizen and those in power. It is time for authorities to bridge this gap and restore the faith of the public in the system.

In conclusion, the Rohini viral video incident is a wake-up call for the authorities and the general public to take action against the misuse of power and the VIP culture prevalent in Indian society. It is time for a change, and everyone must work together to make India a more accountable and just society.

 IAS Rohini viral video Twitter:

 The video of IAS Rohini, where she was seen crying before a public gathering, went viral on Twitter with various reactions from netizens. Many Twitter users shared their opinions on the incident, some supported her, while others criticized her for showing emotions in public. The video sparked a debate on the issue of an officer’s emotional outbursts in public.

 IAS Rohini viral video Reddit: 

The video of IAS Rohini also went viral on Reddit, where it was shared on various forums and discussions. It prompted debates regarding the role of IAS officers in society and whether they should show emotions in public. Some Reddit users appreciated her for being truthful and honest, while others criticized her.

IAS Rohini viral video

IAS Rohini viral video YouTube:

 The video on YouTube generated a considerable buzz, and it sparked many reactions in the comments section. Some viewers expressed their sympathy towards IAS Rohini’s emotional outburst, while others criticized her for failing to maintain professionalism in public. It also sparked a debate on whether it was acceptable for a public official to express emotions in public.

 IAS Rohini viral video Facebook: 

The video of IAS Rohini went viral on Facebook as well, with many users sharing their opinions on the matter. The incident sparked debates on the role of IAS officers and their emotional intelligence. Some Facebook users showed their support for IAS Rohini, while others criticized her for showing emotions in public, deeming it as unprofessional. Overall, the video stirred up a lot of interest and debates on various social media platforms.

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