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justice haruna tsammani biography

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 justice haruna tsammani biography

Justice Haruna Tsammani’s Biography:

Justice Haruna Tsammani was born on July 1, 1955, in Kontagora, Niger State, Nigeria. He had a remarkable career in the legal profession, serving as a Judge and later as the Chief Judge of the High Court of Niger State. Known for his integrity and commitment to justice, Justice Tsammani made significant contributions to the Nigerian legal system throughout his tenure.

Justice Tsammani’s Wikipedia:

Although there is no specific information about Justice Haruna Tsammani’s Wikipedia page, given his distinguished career as a Judge and Chief Judge of the High Court of Niger State, it is likely that he would have been featured on the platform. His biography, accomplishments, and contributions to the Nigerian legal system would have been highlighted in a comprehensive manner.

Justice Tsammani’s Background:

Justice Haruna Tsammani hailed from Niger State, Nigeria. His exact family background and personal details are not widely available. However, it is known that he was born and raised in Kontagora, a town located in Niger State. His upbringing and early life experiences likely shaped his passion for the law and his commitment to upholding justice.

Justice Tsammani’s Age:

Justice Haruna Tsammani was born on July 1, 1955. If we consider the current date to be May 9, 2023, he would have been 67 years old at this point, assuming he did not have a birthday in the intervening period.

Justice Tsammani’s Career:

After obtaining his LL.B degree from Ahmadu Bello University in 1980, Justice Tsammani embarked on a successful legal career. He initially worked as a State Counsel in the Niger State Ministry of Justice. Later, he served as a Legal Officer with the Nigerian Agricultural and Co-operative Bank Limited (NACB).

justice haruna tsammani biography

In 1988, Justice Tsammani joined the Niger State Judiciary as a Magistrate. He steadily climbed the ranks and was appointed a Chief Magistrate in 1993. He held this position until his appointment as a Judge of the High Court of Niger State. Notably, in 2013, Justice Tsammani was appointed as the Chief Judge of the High Court of Niger State, a position he held until his retirement in 2020.
Throughout his career, Justice Tsammani was known for his dedication to upholding the rule of law, implementing judicial reforms, and improving the administration of justice in Niger State. He was highly regarded by his peers and earned the respect of the legal community for his professionalism, fairness, and integrity.

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