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 Lampung Viral Incidents

Lampung is a province located on the southern tip of Sumatra Island in Indonesia. Recently, the province has gained attention on social media platforms due to several viral incidents.

Lamping berdarah

Lampung Viral Incidents

One of the most prominent viral incidents was the “Lampung Berdarah” or “Bloody Lampung” case that happened in September 2020.

 It started when a video showing a group of people attacking a man with machetes went viral on social media. 

The incident sparked outrage and fear among the locals, as it was rumored to be related to black magic or witchcraft.

 The police later revealed that the incident was a result of a personal conflict between two individuals and had no relation to any supernatural activities.

Lamping way kanan

Lampung Viral Incidents

Another viral incident that happened in Lampung was the “Lampung Way Kanan” case in November 2020. A video of a man beating a woman in front of a crowd went viral, and the incident was later reported to the police. The perpetrator was arrested and charged with domestic violence.

In December 2020, a video of a snake devouring a cat in Lampung also went viral on social media. 

Lamping snake and cat video

The video sparked debate and raised concerns about the safety of pets and wildlife in the area. Authorities later reminded the public to be cautious and avoid leaving their pets unattended.

Aside from these incidents, Lampung is also known for its natural beauty and cultural diversity.

Lampung parks

 The province is home to several national parks, such as Way Kambas National Park and Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, which are known for their diverse wildlife and ecosystems.

Lampung viral

Lampung is also known for its traditional dance and music, such as the Tari Piring (Plate Dance) and Tari Gending Sriwijaya (Sriwijaya Music Dance).

In conclusion, while Lampung has gained attention on social media for some viral incidents, it should be noted that these incidents do not represent the entire province. Lampung has much to offer in terms of natural beauty and cultural diversity, and it is a place worth visiting and exploring

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