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roaster saloni viral video

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roaster saloni viral video

Saloni Dhruv, also known as Roaster Saloni, and her viral video.

Saloni Dhruv is a popular Indian YouTuber who creates comedy videos on a wide range of topics. Saloni’s channel, Roaster Saloni, has amassed over 750,000 subscribers and is renowned for its candid satire and relatable humor.


roaster saloni viral video

Recently, a video posted on social media by Roaster Saloni had gone viral. The video showed Saloni giving hilarious commentary on an ad that promised to make people fair-skinned. In the video, Saloni humorously criticized the ad for promoting colourism and added that people should embrace their natural skin tone.

The video quickly resonated with many viewers and garnered millions of views and shares on various social media platforms. People appreciated Saloni’s witty commentary and praised her for highlighting an issue that’s still prevalent in many parts of India.


roaster saloni viral video

It’s worth noting that Roaster Saloni’s viral video sparked an important conversation about colourism and the deep-rooted prejudices that still exist in our society. The video also showcased the power of social media in raising awareness about critical issues  that often go unnoticed.

Overall, Roaster Saloni is a prominent figure in the Indian YouTube community, and her influence is growing by the day. Her viral video on colourism is a testament to her immense talent and the significant role that content creators can play in shaping public opinion.

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