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russell wilson eagles trade

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 Russell Wilson eagle trade

Wilson-Eagles Trade Talks.

The possibility of Russell Wilson being traded to the Philadelphia Eagles has been a hot topic in the NFL community for some time now. Wilson, the star quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, has been linked to several teams in recent years, but the Eagles have emerged as a potential landing spot.

What did Russell Wilson get in trade

russell wilson eagles trade

The rumors of a trade between the Seahawks and Eagles began to circulate when Wilson expressed his frustration with the Seattle front office. He cited a lack of protection from his offensive line and a desire for more input in the team’s decision-making process as reasons for his discontent. Wilson’s comments sparked speculation that he could be traded, and the Eagles emerged as a potential destination due to their need for a quarterback and their abundance of draft picks.

How much was Russell Wilson’s trade?

If the Eagles were to acquire Wilson, it would be a massive move for the franchise. The team has been searching for a franchise quarterback since the departure of Carson Wentz, and Wilson would provide a significant upgrade at the position. He is a seven-time Pro Bowler and has led the Seahawks to two Super Bowl appearances, winning one.
However, a trade for Wilson would likely come at a steep price for the Eagles. The Seahawks are reportedly seeking multiple first-round picks in exchange for Wilson, along with other assets. The Eagles currently have two first-round picks in the 2023 NFL Draft, which could be used as part of a potential trade package.

Who did the Eagles get in a trade?

russell wilson eagles trade

Another potential roadblock to a trade is Wilson’s contract. He signed a four-year, $140 million extension with the Seahawks in 2019, which makes him one of the highest-paid players in the NFL. Any team that acquires Wilson would need to take on his significant contract, which could limit the number of teams that are interested in making a trade.

Who got the better end of the Russell Wilson trade?

Despite the potential obstacles, a trade for Wilson would be a massive move for the Eagles and could put them in contention for a Super Bowl in the near future. The team has already made several moves this offseason to improve their roster, and adding Wilson would be the icing on the cake. However, it remains to be seen whether a trade will actually happen, and if so, what the final terms of the deal will be.

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