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Watch Darshana Bharali Viral Video on Reddit and Twitter

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 Watch Darshana Bharali Viral Video on Reddit and Twitter

Recently, a video of Darshana Bharali has gone viral on social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter. The video showcases her incredible artistic skills in creating hyper-realistic oil paintings. The video displays her making of an oil painting of an old man, which took her around 15 hours to complete.


Initially, the video was shared on Reddit in the subreddit r/ArtVideos and received a massive response from the audience. Her artistic abilities and attention to detail impressed viewers, and the post received over 34,000 upvotes and several comments.
Soon after the video was shared on Reddit, it quickly spread to other social media platforms like Twitter, where it has been viewed by an even wider audience. The video has received thousands of likes and retweets, with people expressing their amazement and admiration for Bharali’s talent.
Darshana Bharali is a self-taught artist from Assam, India, who has dedicated herself to her art. She frequently shares her works on Instagram, and her portraits of famous personalities like Steve Jobs, Dalai Lama, and Leonardo DiCaprio have garnered attention from art lovers worldwide.

Watch Darshana Bharali Viral  Video on Reddit and Twitter

In conclusion, Darshana Bharali’s viral video on Reddit and Twitter has been an excellent platform for her to showcase her artistic talent and reach out to a more extensive audience worldwide. Her incredible skills have impressed and earned admiration from people across the globe. Her artwork stands out for its precision, and we look forward to more of her paintings to be displayed.

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