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 Watch pemra tere bin viral video

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) recently made headlines by issuing a warning to the creators of the highly popular Pakistani drama Tere Bin due to the broadcast of what was deemed “inappropriate” content. The warning was prompted by a scene in the drama that portrayed a forced consummation of marriage, which elicited feelings of disturbance and offense among many viewers.

Watch pemra tere bin viral video

Within this particular scene, the male protagonist, Murtasim (played by Wahaj Ali), coerces his wife, Meerab (played by Yumna Zaidi), into a physical encounter. Despite Meerab’s visible discomfort and attempts to resist, Murtasim disregards her protests and persists with his actions. The scene concludes with Meerab in tears as she hastily flees the distressing situation.
This depiction within Tere Bin quickly ignited a firestorm of outrage on social media, prompting numerous viewers to advocate for a boycott of the drama. Reacting to the public outcry, PEMRA intervened by issuing a warning to the drama’s creators, highlighting that the scene violates the regulations governing electronic media in the country.
PEMRA’s warning explicitly emphasizes that the scene “portrays a forced consummation of marriage, which contradicts commonly accepted standards of decency.” Furthermore, the regulatory authority cautionarily informs the drama’s makers that they will face consequences if they persist in broadcasting such content.
This incident surrounding Tere Bin serves as the latest example of PEMRA taking decisive action against Pakistani dramas it deems inappropriate. In recent years, the regulatory body has issued warnings to several other dramas, including Jalan, Pyar Ke Sadkay, and Ishqiya.
PEMRA’s actions have evoked both praise and criticism. Supporters argue that the organization plays a crucial role in safeguarding the public from harmful content, thereby fulfilling an essential responsibility. Conversely, detractors have accused PEMRA of being excessively heavy-handed and stifling artistic expression through censorship.
Watch pemra tere bin viral video

The ongoing debate concerning PEMRA’s role in regulating Pakistani television is poised to persist. However, one undeniable outcome is that the controversy surrounding Tere Bin has once again thrust the issue of censorship in Pakistan into the spotlight.

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