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Watch Tesla Data Leaked Video Viral

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 Watch Tesla Data Leaked Video Viral

A video depicting a Tesla Model Y car crashing into other vehicles in China has gained significant attention after going viral. The footage, captured by traffic CCTV cameras, shows the Tesla vehicle seemingly about to park before unexpectedly accelerating at a high speed, colliding with other motorists along its path.

Watch Tesla Data Leaked Video Viral

The incident occurred on November 5 in Guangdong, a southern province in China. Tragically, the crash resulted in the deaths of a high school student and a motorcyclist. The Tesla driver, a 55-year-old individual, also lost their life in the accident.
In response to the incident, Tesla has cautioned against giving credence to unfounded rumors suggesting that the car malfunctioned. The company is actively cooperating with the local authorities to determine the cause of the accident.
The release of the video has ignited a contentious debate regarding the safety of Tesla vehicles. Some individuals have expressed concerns about the car’s autopilot feature, speculating that it may have played a role in the accident. Conversely, others have placed blame on the driver, arguing that they should have maintained control of the vehicle.
Tesla, emphasizing its commitment to safety, has stated that it is collaborating with authorities to thoroughly investigate the accident. The company has pledged to provide updates as more information becomes available.
The video of the Tesla crash has quickly gone viral, amassing millions of views, and has been widely shared across various social media platforms. As a result, numerous discussions and debates have emerged, centering on the safety of Tesla cars and the factors contributing to the accident.
Watch Tesla Data Leaked Video Viral

It is crucial to acknowledge that the investigation into the incident is still underway, and concrete conclusions regarding the cause and responsibility have yet to be determined. Tesla has reaffirmed its dedication to safety and is actively working with the authorities to gain a comprehensive understanding of the accident. As the investigation progresses, Tesla has assured the public that it will continue to provide updates regarding the incident.

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