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Yesha and roched viral video

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Yesha and roched viral video

yesha viral video story

Yesha Callahan is a writer and journalist who became the subject of a viral video in 2020. 
The video, which was titled “Karen Tries to Check Yesha’s Black Card,” showed Yesha in a confrontation with a white woman who was questioning her racial identity.

Yesha’s Viral Confrontation.

The incident took place at a restaurant in Washington D.C. Yesha was there with friends when the woman, 

yesha and roched viral video

who has since been identified as a woman named Lisa Alexander, approached their table and asked Yesha if she was really Black. 

Lisa claimed that Yesha did not look Black and accused her of trying to use her race to gain an advantage.

yesha and roched

Yesha was taken aback by the confrontation and began filming the incident. In the video, she can be heard telling Lisa that she is indeed Black and that her appearance does not determine her racial identity. 

roched and yesha

The video quickly went viral on social media, with many people expressing support for Yesha and condemning Lisa’s behavior.

Watch yesha viral video story

The incident also sparked a larger conversation about “Karen” behavior, which refers to entitled and often racist behavior by white women. 
Many people pointed out that Lisa’s behavior was an example of this type of behavior and that it was unacceptable.

yesha viral video twitter

yesha viral video story

After the video went viral, Lisa apologized for her behavior and said that she had been stressed and anxious at the time. 

yesha and roched

Yesha accepted the apology but also called for greater understanding and awareness of issues related to race and racism.
The viral video of Yesha’s confrontation with Lisa Alexander highlights the ongoing problem of racism and discrimination in society. 

yesha viral video story

yesha viral video story twitter

It also shows the power of social media in bringing attention to these issues and holding people accountable for their behavior.

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