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zep permits latest news today

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 Zep permits latest news today

As of my knowledge cutoff date of September 2021, there were several developments regarding ZEP permits, or Zero Emission Vehicle Permits, in the United States.

zep permits latest news today

What does Zep means?

ZEP permits are a mechanism established by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to encourage automakers to produce and sell more electric and other zero-emission vehicles. 
Under California law, automakers must earn a certain number of ZEP permits each year, with the number increasing over time, in order to sell non-zero-emission vehicles in the state.

ZEP permits latest news.

One major development in ZEP permits in 2021 was the announcement by CARB that it was considering a proposal to increase the number of ZEP permits required for automakers to sell non-zero-emission vehicles in California. 

zep permits latest news today

The proposal, which was still in the early stages of development at the time of my knowledge cutoff, would have required automakers to earn twice as many ZEP permits in 2023 as they did in 2021.

Zep program 2023

Another development was a legal challenge to the ZEP program by several automakers, including General Motors, Toyota, and Fiat Chrysler. 
The automakers argued that the ZEP program unfairly favors electric vehicles over other zero-emission vehicles, such as fuel cell vehicles, and that it violates the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution by effectively regulating interstate commerce. As of my knowledge cutoff, the case was still ongoing.

Zep program in 2023

In addition, there were ongoing efforts by some states to adopt ZEP programs similar to California’s.
 In 2021, Colorado became the first state outside of California to adopt a ZEP program, which will require automakers to earn a certain number of ZEP credits each year in order to sell non-zero-emission vehicles in the state.
Overall, the latest news regarding ZEP permits in 2021 suggests that there is continued interest in promoting the production and sale of zero-emission vehicles in the US, but also ongoing debate over the best way to do so and the legality of certain approaches. It will be interesting to see how these issues develop in the coming years.

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