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Alleged pastor ezekiel latest news home arrest for mass killing..

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 pastor ezekiel latest news

On the Kenyan coast, police have arrested a well-known televangelist, Pastor Ezekiel Odero, and shut down his church, following reports of mass deaths.

pastor ezekiel latest news

 This move comes as authorities continue investigations into a religious cult that has been linked to the deaths of almost 100 people. 
While the police have not yet formally linked the two cases, they did find that morgue attendants had been collecting bodies at the New Life International Church premises in Kilifi County, where Pastor Odero holds his functions. 
Furthermore, the police have evacuated more than 100 people who were holed up at the church, and they will be required to make statements. The preacher has not responded to the allegations, but he will appear in court on Friday.

pastor ezekiel latest news

In addition to investigating Pastor Odero, the police are also looking into his alleged relationship with the controversial preacher Paul Mackenzie Nthenge, who is said to have told his followers to starve themselves to “meet Jesus.
Kenya is a religious country, but there have been previous cases of people being lured into dangerous and unregulated churches or cults. President William Ruto recently pledged to crack down on religious leaders who violate the law.
 The authorities have already recovered 95 bodies of people who are suspected to have died of starvation and were buried in shallow graves in an 800-acre forest near Pastor Odero’s church. Many of the victims were children. The investigation into these tragic deaths continues.

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