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megan eugenio

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 megan eugenio

Antonio Brown continues to make headlines through various means, and the latest rumors involve popular TikTok personality, Megan Eugenio (also known as Overtime Megan). Brown had previously shared a video on Snapchat of him in bed with another woman, which led to widespread speculation that the woman was either Gisele Bündchen or Eugenio.

megan eugenio

overtime megan

Recently, Brown has faced a series of tumultuous events, including an arrest warrant for alleged domestic violence against his ex-fiancee, the mother of his children. Despite the Tampa police arriving to execute the warrant six days ago, Brown has yet to leave his residence.

overtime megan twitter

Megan Eugenio is a social media influencer with a massive following of 2.4 million on TikTok. She has attended various sporting events, including NBA, NHL, and NFL games, as per her profiles on TikTok and Instagram. Originally from Massachusetts, Eugenio attended Bishop Fenwick High School and later Pace University in New York City. Before becoming a social media influencer in 2019, Eugenio worked for a company called Overtime.

megan eugenio

Ot megan

Through her TikTok and Instagram accounts, Eugenio shares entertaining content such as lip-sync videos, interviews with professional athletes, and other amusing clips. While there are no reports or confirmed accounts of any platonic or romantic relationship between Eugenio and former NFL star Antonio Brown, any publicity is likely to increase her already significant online influence.

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Brown last played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL in 2021. During a game against the New York Jets, he abruptly left the field by taking off his uniform and exiting the stadium.

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