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bongaigaon teacher viral photo

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 bongaigaon teacher viral photo

Recently, a photo of a teacher from Bongaigaon has gone viral on social media platforms. The photo shows the teacher, Mr. Bimal Chandra Barman, conducting an online class while sitting on a bamboo raft in the middle of a river. This innovative way of teaching has caught the attention of many people and has been praised for its creativity.
Mr. Barman is a primary school teacher from Bholardabi village in Bongaigaon district, Assam. 
Due to the ongoing pandemic, schools have been shut down, and classes are being conducted online. 

bongaigaon teacher viral photo

bongaigaon teacher viral reddit

However, many students in the village don’t have access to smartphones or laptops, making it challenging for them to attend online classes. 

To solve this problem, Mr. Barman came up with an ingenious idea of conducting classes while sitting on a raft in the middle of the river. This way, all the children in the village could see him clearly, and he could also interact with them.
The photo of Mr. Barman taken by one of his students went viral on social media platforms, and it has been shared widely.
 People across the country have praised the teacher’s dedication towards ensuring that all his students receive an education, even in these difficult times. Mr. Barman has become an inspiration to many, and his innovative way of teaching has set an example for other teachers.

bongaigaon teacher viral video

However, this photo has also highlighted the digital divide in our country, where a large section of the population still doesn’t have access to smartphones or the internet. It is essential to address this issue and provide access to education to all the children in the country, irrespective of their socio-economic background.
In conclusion, the Bongaigaon teacher viral photo has shown us the power of innovation and dedication towards education. 
Mr. Barman has proved that with a little creativity and determination, we can overcome any obstacle and provide education to all. 
This photo is not just a heartwarming story; it is a wake-up call for all of us to work towards bridging the digital divide and providing education to every child in the country.
Bongaigaon Teacher’s Viral Video Sends Ripples Through Social Media

bongaigaon teacher viral

A video of a teacher from Bongaigaon, a district in the Indian state of Assam, has gone viral on social media. The video shows the teacher, Ms. Papori Baruah, delivering a lecture to her students on the importance of education during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The video has been widely circulated on various social media platforms, including Twitter and Reddit, garnering thousands of views and reactions. People have lauded Ms. Baruah’s dedication towards her students and her efforts to keep them motivated during these challenging times.

bongaigaon teacher viral photo

In the video, Ms. Baruah can be seen encouraging her students to stay engaged in their studies and to not let the pandemic hinder their progress. She urges them to make good use of their time and to continue to learn despite the disruptions caused by the pandemic.
The video has struck a chord with viewers, as it highlights the challenges faced by students and teachers across the world during the pandemic. It also showcases the resilience and dedication of teachers, who are working tirelessly to ensure that their students continue to receive a quality education.

bongaigaon teacher viral Twitter

Ms. Baruah’s viral video has also brought attention to the state of education in rural parts of India, where access to technology and resources remains limited. The video has sparked a dialogue on how to bridge the digital divide and provide equal access to education for all students, regardless of their economic status or geographic location.
Overall, Ms. Baruah’s video has sent ripples through social media and serves as a reminder of the importance of education and the dedication of teachers in these unprecedented times.

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