Delhi Metro Couple Kissing Viral Video

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Delhi Metro Couple Kissing Viral Video:

Recently, a video went viral on social media, where a couple was seen kissing publicly in a Delhi metro train. The two-minute-long video shows the couple, who were identified as a man and a woman, kissing each other passionately, while fellow commuters looked on. This incident caused a stir on various social media platforms, with many sharing their opinions on the matter.

Delhi Metro Couple Kissing Viral Video

Delhi Metro Couple Kissing Viral Video Twitter:

The Delhi Metro Couple Kissing video quickly spread on Twitter, with the hashtag 


trending for several hours. The Twitterati expressed mixed reactions to the public display of affection, with some supporting the couple and calling it a natural expression of love, while others criticized them for their behavior. A few argued that such behavior was inappropriate in public spaces, particularly in the conservative Indian society.

 Delhi Metro Couple Kissing Viral Video Reddit:

The video of the couple kissing in the Delhi Metro train also got shared on Reddit, leading to a heated debate among the users. Some of the users commented that there was nothing wrong with the couple’s behavior, while others criticized them for being insensitive to the people around them. Some pointed out that kissing in public was not illegal in India and hence, the couple had every right to do so.

 Delhi Metro Couple Kissing Viral Video Reaction:

The Delhi Metro Couple Kissing video has seen a mixed reaction from people across India. While some people have praised the couple for expressing their love freely, others have voiced their disapproval of such behavior in public spaces. Many have pointed out that while it’s natural to express love, it should be done in a way that doesn’t make others uncomfortable. Overall, the incident has raised questions about public displays of affection, and the need for mutual respect and tolerance in society. 

Delhi Metro Couple Kissing Viral Video

Delhi Metro Viral Video Twitter: 

Recently, a video of a couple engaging in a romantic act inside the Delhi Metro went viral on Twitter. The video was captured by a fellow passenger who shared it on social media. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) took cognizance of the matter and launched an investigation. The DMRC has strict guidelines against such behavior and has urged commuters to observe discipline and decorum while traveling on the metro.

 Delhi Metro Viral Video: The Delhi Metro viral video that made rounds on social media showed a young couple engaging in a romantic act. Though the video garnered a lot of attention and shares, it also raised concerns about the safety of women commuters on the metro. The DMRC has strict regulations against such behavior and has taken various measures to ensure the safety of its passengers. The incident also brings to light the need for vigilance and responsibility among commuters.

 Delhi Metro

 The Delhi Metro is a rapid transit system serving the National Capital Region of India. It is one of the most reliable and efficient modes of transportation in Delhi and is used by millions of commuters every day. The Delhi Metro network covers various parts of the city and has played a significant role in decongesting the traffic on the roads. The metro’s punctuality, cleanliness, and safety features make it popular among Delhiites.

 Delhi Metro Rail Corporation:

 The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is a state-owned enterprise that operates the Delhi Metro. It was established in 1995 with a mission to provide a world-class public transport system in Delhi. The DMRC has been successful in achieving its goal, and the Delhi Metro is now regarded as one of the best metro systems in the world. The DMRC has also undertaken various other development projects in the city, such as the airport express line and the expansion of the metro network.

Delhi Metro Couple Kissing Viral Video

Delhi Metro Viral Video Link: 

The Delhi Metro viral video link was reportedly shared on Twitter and other social media platforms. However, sharing such objectionable content can lead to legal consequences, and the DMRC has urged

commutersnot to engage in such behavior.

 The authorities are also taking strict action against those involved in the incident, and the metro’s CCTV footage is being analyzed to identify the perpetrators. The Delhi Metro is a safe and reliable mode of transportation, and it is essential to maintain its decorum and discipline.

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