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celtics buzzer beater video

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Watch celtics buzzer beater video

Here is a video capturing the pivotal moment when Derrick White’s buzzer beater propelled the Celtics to Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. You can watch it here: 

In the footage, the Celtics find themselves trailing by one point with only a few seconds remaining on the game clock. With a swift inbound pass, the ball reaches the hands of White, who takes a couple of dribbles before unleashing a three-pointer from the corner. As the buzzer resounds, the shot gracefully finds its mark, prompting jubilant celebrations from the Celtics.
This remarkable event will undoubtedly etch itself into the memories of the Celtics and their fans for years to come. White’s clutch shot not only granted the team a chance to claim victory in the series during Game 7, but it also set the stage for them to seize the opportunity with fervor.
Here are some additional noteworthy details about the play:

celtics buzzer beater video

celtics buzzer beater video

  • – The shot was executed from the challenging corner position, where sinking a three-pointer is no easy feat.
  • – White encountered a defender contesting his shot, elevating the level of difficulty even further.
  • – The shot materialized with mere seconds remaining in the game, heightening the tension and drama surrounding the moment.
White’s shot will forever be hailed as a monumental play and will occupy a prominent place in the annals of Celtics history.

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