ojol sama ayam

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Ojol Sam’s ayam

Recently, a viral video of a motorcycle taxi driver (ojol) transporting a live chicken on the back of his bike caught the attention of netizens in Indonesia. The video shows the ojol securely strapping the chicken to his bike with a piece of rope and driving through busy streets, much to the amusement of onlookers and passengers.

ojol sama ayam viral

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The video sparked mixed reactions, with some finding it hilarious and others concerned for the safety of the chicken as well as the ojol. Some even saw it as a reflection of Indonesia’s informal economy and the hardworking nature of those who work in it.

link ojol sama ayam viral

Despite the controversy, the ojol in the video received praise from many for his creativity and ability to make the most out of his resources. He also showed a level of care and responsibility towards his unusual passenger by making sure it was safely secured during the ride.

Ojol sama tik tok

link ojol sama ayam viral

While the ojol sama ayam viral video may seem like just another internet sensation, it raises important questions about the informal economy in Indonesia and highlights the ingenuity of those who find ways to hustle in challenging circumstances, even if it involves transporting live poultry on the back of their motorbikes.

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