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Kiki bakare biography

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Kiki bakare biography

 Kiki Bakare is a renowned journalist, anchor, and television personality known for her captivating personality, insightful reporting, and professionalism. Born in Nigeria, Kiki Bakare started her career as a reporter for one of the leading newspapers in Nigeria, The Guardian. After her stint at the newspaper, she joined the broadcast media and started working as a news anchor for Channels TV, one of the fastest-growing TV stations in Nigeria.

 Who is Kiki Bakare?

Due to her exceptional skills as a journalist, Kiki Bakare quickly rose through the ranks and became the Head of News at Channels TV. During her tenure at Channels TV, she covered several high-profile events and stories, including Nigerian Presidential Elections, African Cup of Nations, and the trial of Charles Taylor, the former Liberian President.

Is Kiki Bakare Mide Martin’s son?

What is bakare net worth?

After making a name for herself in Nigeria, Kiki Bakare decided to broaden her horizon and explore other opportunities. She moved to South Africa, where she continued her successful media career. She worked for TV and radio stations such as Kaya FM and eNCA, where she hosted several talk shows that were well received by the audience.

In addition to her successful media career, Kiki Bakare is also an entrepreneur. She is the founder of Dimero Concepts, a media consultancy firm that helps brands to design and implement effective media strategies.

What is bakare net worth?


What is bakare net worth?

Throughout her career, Kiki Bakare has received several awards and recognition for her exceptional work in the media industry. She was awarded the Nigerian Media Merit Award for Best Female Newscaster and Best Female Presenter. She was also nominated for the Future Awards Africa Prize for Professional Business and Entrepreneurship. 

In conclusion, Kiki Bakare has had an impressive career as a journalist, anchor, and media personality. She continues to inspire young journalists and entrepreneurs to be passionate and dedicated to their work. Kiki is a force to be reckoned with in the African media industry, and her contributions have helped to shape the industry into what it is today.

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