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kodiak enterprise fishing boat fire

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 Kodiak enterprises fishing boat fire

The Kodiak Enterprise, a fishing boat that operated out of Kodiak, Alaska went up in flames early Tuesday morning. The Coast Guard rescued the three crew members safely with no significant injuries.

Kodiak enterprises fishing boat fire

Kodiak enterprise fire

According to the Coast Guard, they received a mayday call from the boat crew stating that they had an engine fire and were unable to contain it. The crew immediately put on their survival suits and abandoned the ship.

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The captain of the Kodiak Enterprise had praised the crew for following the correct emergency protocol which helped them stay safe.

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The Coast Guard dispatched a helicopter and a rescue boat to the scene immediately. They managed to locate the three crew members after an hour of searching. The injured crew members were given medical assistance onboard the rescue boat before being transferred to a nearby hospital for further treatment.
The fire is believed to have started in the engine room and quickly spread throughout the boat. The Kodiak Fire Department also assisted with the high-pressure pumps to extinguish the flames but were unsuccessful in saving the boat.

Kodiak enterprises fishing boat fire

The Kodiak Enterprise was a commercial fishing boat that specialized in catching Pacific cod and pollack in the Bering Sea. The National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the cause of the fire.
This unfortunate incident highlights the vital importance of following safety protocols and having appropriate emergency equipment in place in case of such a catastrophic event. The Coast Guard always emphasizes the need for proper training and equipment for such situations.

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