Rudhran Movie Review

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 Rudhran Movie Review

“Rudhran” is a 2021 Tamil language thriller movie directed by Raveena Ravi and stars Raveena Ravi, Sai Ravi, and Sharath Kumar in the lead roles. 


Rudhran Movie Review

The movie was released on Netflix, and it has been receiving positive reviews from the audience and critics alike.

rudhran movie

The movie revolves around a police officer named Rudhran (Sai Ravi) who is on a mission to catch a notorious criminal named Vediyappan (Sharath Kumar). 

However, things take a turn when Rudhran realizes that Vediyappan is not just a criminal, but also someone who holds the key to his past.

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Raveena Ravi, who plays the role of Meera, Rudhran’s love interest, delivers a fantastic performance. She brings a sense of vulnerability and strength to the character, which makes her a standout in the movie. 


Rudhran Movie Review

Sai Ravi, who plays the lead role, delivers an excellent performance as well. He portrays the character of Rudhran with a perfect balance of vulnerability and strength.


The movie’s writing and direction are top-notch, and the film’s pacing is perfect. The director has managed to keep the audience engaged throughout the movie, and the twists and turns in the plot are well-executed. 

The film’s background score and cinematography are noteworthy, and they add to the movie’s overall mood.

Overall, “Rudhran” is an excellent thriller movie that keeps the audience engaged throughout its runtime. The movie’s performances, writing, direction, and technical aspects are all top-notch, and they make for an enjoyable watch. If you’re a fan of thriller movies, then “Rudhran” is definitely worth checking out.

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