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Moon Bin Astro, K-pop set to release official statement

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 Moon bin

Moon Bin is a South Korean singer, dancer, and actor who is widely known for his remarkable talent and captivating stage presence.

Moon bin astro

 He is a member of the popular K-pop boy group ASTRO and has made significant contributions to the group’s success since their debut in 2016.

Astro moon bin

Born on January 26, 1998, Moon Bin began his career as a child actor, appearing in various TV dramas and movies. 
He later transitioned to the world of music and joined the entertainment company Fantagio as a trainee.

Astro kpop

 After years of hard work and training, Moon Bin finally made his debut as a member of ASTRO in 2016.

Astro memeber

Moon Bin Astro, K-pop set to release official statement

As a member of ASTRO, Moon Bin has proven himself to be a versatile performer, showcasing his impressive vocal and dance skills in the group’s music videos and live performances. 


He has also played a vital role in the group’s songwriting and music production, contributing to several of their tracks, including “You & Me”, “Bad Idea”, and “One”.


In addition to his music career, Moon Bin has also pursued acting, starring in various TV dramas such as “Sweet Revenge 2” and “Moments of 18”.


Moon Bin Astro, K-pop set to release official statement

 He has received critical acclaim for his performances and has established himself as a promising young actor.


Moon Bin’s talent, dedication, and hard work have earned him a loyal fan base both in South Korea and around the world.

Moon in sister

 He continues to inspire and entertain his fans with his music, dance, and acting, and is undoubtedly one of the most talented young performers in the Korean entertainment industry.

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