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Philadelphia Dimes Stolen.

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Philadelphia Dimes Stolen.

In March 2021, a news story broke about the theft of a collection of rare and valuable Philadelphia dimes. 


Philadelphia Dimes Stolen.

The dimes, which were minted in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, were stolen from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s (PHS) McLean Library in Philadelphia.

How much is a million dimes?

The collection consisted of 55 dimes, which were all struck at the Philadelphia Mint between 1794 and 1804. 

These dimes are highly coveted by collectors because of their rarity and historical significance. They were stolen sometime between February 21 and February 26, 2023

Where were the dime stolen

Philadelphia Dimes Stolen.

The theft was discovered by a library staff member who noticed that the glass display case containing the dimes had been smashed.

 The Philadelphia Police Department was immediately notified and an investigation was launched.

Is a dime a dollar?

The PHS offered a reward of $10,000 for information leading to the recovery of the stolen dimes.

 The numismatic community also mobilized to help recover the coins, with many collectors spreading the word on social media and offering their assistance to the authorities.

How much worth is a dime now

In early April 2021, the Philadelphia Police Department announced that they had recovered 46 of the stolen dimes. 

The coins were found in a trash can in a neighborhood in northeast Philadelphia. The police did not disclose any information about suspects or how they came to find the coins.

How many dimes make a dollar

Philadelphia Dimes Stolen.

The recovery of the dimes was a relief to the PHS and the numismatic community, who feared that the coins would be melted down or otherwise destroyed.

 However, the investigation into the theft is ongoing, and it is not yet clear if the remaining nine coins will be found.

What country uses a dime

The theft of the Philadelphia dimes highlights the importance of securing valuable collections and the role that the numismatic community can play in helping to recover stolen coins.

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