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Watch Saima Noor Viral Video on Reddit and Twitter

Saima Noor, the famous Pakistani actress, recently went viral on social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter. The video in question shows Saima Noor reciting the famous poem “Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua Ban Ke Tamanna Meri” with her son, Hamza Khawar, accompanying her on the harmonium.

Saima Noor Viral Video on

The video quickly gained attention due to Saima Noor’s heartwarming performance and her son’s melodious harmonium playing. People appreciated the mother-son duo’s effort, and the video started trending on various social media platforms. People shared the video and commented on how lovely it was to see a mom and son bonding through music.
Many people praised Saima Noor for her excellent acting skills and beautiful voice, while others appreciated her son’s talent. The video received thousands of views, likes, and comments, making it one of the most-watched viral videos on social media in recent times.
Saima Noor is a famous Pakistani actress who has appeared in various television serials and films, including the critically acclaimed film “Mehndi.” She is known for her exceptional acting skills and beautiful looks, which have gained her a massive fan following in Pakistan and abroad.

Saima Noor Viral Video on

In conclusion, the viral video of Saima Noor and her son Hamza Khawar reciting a famous poem is a heartwarming and delightful watch. Their performance has touched many people’s hearts and created a bonding moment that will remain in the memories of all those who watched it. Saima Noor’s ability to connect with her son through the art of music has left an everlasting impression on her fans across the globe.

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