kannai nambathey movie

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 Kannai Nambathey Thriller.

“Kannai Nambathey” is a Tamil language thriller movie released in 2021, directed by Mu. Maran and produced by Sundar Annamalai. The film features actors Udhayanidhi Stalin, Aathmika, and Sathish in prominent roles.

kannai nambathey movie

The movie revolves around Arjun (Udhayanidhi Stalin), a businessman who is married to Aishwarya (Aathmika). One day, Arjun goes on a business trip to Bangalore, where he meets Meera (Iyshwarya Rajesh) and gets attracted to her. 

kannai nambathey

They both have a night together, and the next morning, Arjun wakes up to find Meera dead. Arjun is now the prime suspect in the murder case.

The rest of the movie follows Arjun as he tries to clear his name and find out the real culprit behind Meera’s murder. The plot is filled with twists and turns, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the film.

Kannai Nambathey movie OTT Release Date

Udhayanidhi Stalin’s performance as Arjun is impressive, and he carries the film on his shoulders. Aathmika’s portrayal of Aishwarya is also noteworthy, and Sathish’s comic timing adds much-needed relief to the tense plot.

kannai nambathey movie

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The film’s music is composed by Sam CS, and the songs are well received by the audience. The cinematography by Dinesh Krishnan adds to the thriller genre’s dark tone, and the editing by Nagooran is crisp and engaging.

Overall, “Kannai Nambathey” is an excellent addition to the Tamil language thriller genre, with a gripping plot and remarkable performances by the cast. The film is a must-watch for those who enjoy thrillers and mystery movies.

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