Shaakuntalam movie review.

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 Shaakuntalam movie review.

“Shaakuntalam” is a 2021 Indian Telugu-language romantic drama film directed by Gunasekhar and starring Samantha Akkineni in the lead role. The film is based on the famous Sanskrit play “Abhijnanasakuntalam” written by the ancient Indian poet Kalidasa.

Shaakuntalam movie review.

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The film tells the story of Shakuntala, a young woman who is abandoned at birth and raised by a sage in the forest. She falls in love with King Dushyanta, who meets her while hunting in the forest, and they get married in secret.

shakuntalam review


Shaakuntalam movie review.

However, Dushyanta is called back to his kingdom, and Shakuntala is left alone and pregnant. When she finally goes to the palace to claim her rightful place as queen, Dushyanta fails to recognize her, leading to a series of misunderstandings and trials before the couple is finally reunited.

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Samantha Akkineni delivers a standout performance as Shakuntala, bringing depth and nuance to a character that is both strong and vulnerable. Her chemistry with Dev Mohan, who plays King Dushyanta, is also commendable, and their love story is the heart of the film.


The film is visually stunning, with breathtaking cinematography by Tirru and elaborate sets and costumes that transport the audience to ancient India. 


Shaakuntalam movie review.

The music by Mani Sharma is also a highlight, with several memorable songs that enhance the emotional impact of the story

Shaakuntalam movie 

While the film’s pacing is somewhat slow, it allows for the audience to become fully immersed in the world and characters of the story. The film’s themes of love, identity, and self-discovery are universal and resonate with audiences across cultures and time periods.

Overall, “Shaakuntalam” is a beautifully crafted film that pays homage to an iconic piece of Indian literature while bringing a fresh perspective and modern sensibility to the story. It is a must-watch for fans of Samantha Akkineni and anyone who appreciates a well-made romantic drama.

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