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 Mike Bamiloye

 is a renowned Nigerian actor, filmmaker, playwright, and founder of the Mount Zion Drama Ministry. Born on April 13, 1960, in Ilesa, Osun State, Nigeria, Mike Bamiloye has become a household name in the Nigerian Christian entertainment industry.

Early life

Who is the first born of Mike Bamiloye?

Mike Bamiloye comes from a Christian family, and his father was a dedicated pastor. While growing up, he would often act out Bible stories and parables with his siblings and friends. This early love for acting and storytelling laid the foundation for his future career in drama ministry.

Who is the first born of Mike Bamiloye?

After completing his primary and secondary education, Mike Bamiloye moved to Ibadan, Oyo State, to study Mass Communication at the Polytechnic Ibadan. In 1986, he graduated with distinction and started working at the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) as a television producer and director.

Production achievement

In 1985, Mike Bamiloye founded the Mount Zion Drama Ministry with his co-workers, and they began producing Christian-themed stage plays, films, and television series. The drama ministry became popular for its highly inspirational and thought-provoking productions that addressed contemporary issues such as poverty, corruption, and social injustice.

Which state is Mike Bamiloye from?

Who is the first born of Mike Bamiloye?

Over the years, Mike Bamiloye has written, directed, and produced several blockbuster Christian movies, including “Agbara Nla,” “The Train,” “The Ignition,” and “The Burning Bush.” He has also authored several books, including “Marriage Covenant,” “The King’s Captain,” and “The Anointed Minister.”

Net worths and success

Mike Bamiloye is a highly respected figure in Nigeria’s Christian community and has won numerous awards for his contributions to the Nigerian entertainment industry. He currently lives in Ibadan with his wife, Gloria, and their children, Joshua, Damilola, and Darasimi, who are also involved in the family’s drama ministry.

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