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salman muqtadir viral video

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 salman muqtadir viral video

Salman Muqtadir is a popular Bangladeshi YouTuber, who gained fame through his make-up tutorials and funny videos. Born on December 9, 1993, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Salman started his YouTube channel in 2014 and soon became one of the most loved influencers in the country.

salman muqtadir

salman muqtadir viral video

He has amassed over 1.61 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he posts videos on a wide range of topics, including lifestyle, make-up, and social issues. He is known for his funny and engaging content, which has won him many fans in Bangladesh and beyond.

salman muqtadir video

Salman Muqtadir completed his graduation from the North South University in Dhaka, and later went on to pursue a career in the media industry. He has worked as a radio host, VJ, and actor, and has made appearances in several TV dramas and films.
Apart from his work in the media industry, Salman is also known for his philanthropic efforts. He has worked with several non-profit organizations in Bangladesh and helped to raise funds for various causes, including education, health, and disaster relief.

salman muqtadir viral video twitter

salman muqtadir viral video

Over the years, Salman Muqtadir has become a household name in Bangladesh, and his popularity continues to grow both in the country and abroad. He is an inspiration to many young people who aspire to make a career in the media industry, and his work has helped to bring about positive change in society.

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